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The Beginnings

At the young age of about ten, i would wonder into the kitchen and see my mother cooking for the family.

Not one for allowing us children to rome around idle, mum would always give me and my sisters things to do like shelling Peas or grate Coconuts whilst explaining how to season up meats and how long certain meals took to cook.

By the age of twelve, cooking became so natural to me I could confidently prepare a meal from start to finish with ease.

As an adult, I fast became the main person which everyone came to for  hosting dinner parties or catering for events.

In hind sight my mother's tutoring  and cooking with her would become my future career !!

Turning My Hand

Finding that I was craving a sauce for my meat and fish dishes that was not available in the stores, I decided to experiment with natural ingredients making my own . 

This sauce quickly became successful and is now available for purchase.

I have called it Mama Jo Jo Jerk Jam in honor of my late sister. 


A percentage of all bottles sold is donated to the Research of Breast Cancer.


With my love of cooking and artistic flare, i have now turned my hand into producing take out cooked meals with a gormet carribean flare.

My dishes are  freshly made to order using the very best ingredients.


I now have introduced mouth watering deserts,  smoothies and salads.


Unruley Chef has now been birthed.!!!!


All my dishes are captured by photography.  Believe me when I declare that the tastes is just as gorgeous as the look !


Jerk Jam and Un-Ruley Chef is sponsored by LOVE U LIKE COOK FOOD ENT.

If you have a new bussiness and need help with promotion contact LULCF,  they have done great work with me and supported my enterprise.



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